PDPA Notice

Notice under Section 7 of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) to Customers of instaDuit

Dear Valued Customer,

Under the PDPA, there are various requirements that regulate the processing of:-

  1. Your personal data (if you are an individual);
  2. The personal data of your directors, shareholders, managers and officers (if you are a company);
  3. The personal data of your partners, managers and officers (if you are a partnership);
  4. The personal data of your office bearers (if you are a society, club or unincorporated body); and
  5. Where relevant, the personal data of the individual guarantor(s) or third party security provider(s) for facility(ies) granted to you and your joint applicant/borrower.

(collectively “the Individuals”).

Our Privacy Policy, which is posted in our website www.instaduit.com, informs the Individuals of their rights under the PDPA, including actions they may take to exercise such rights and its consequences. In particular our Privacy Policy informs the Individuals of the following:-

  1. That we collect their personal data directly from you and third party sources;
  2. Purpose for which their personal data is collected;
  3. Their right to access and correct their personal data;
  4. The class of third parties to whom we may disclose their personal data;
  5. The choices and means they have to limit the processing of their personal data;
  6. Whether the personal data requested is obligatory or voluntary, and if obligatory, the consequences for not providing such data;
  7. To update their personal data as soon as there are changes; and
  8. Our contact details if they wish to make inquiries or give feedback.

Please contact us with the details found in the ‘Contact Us’ page if further clarification is required.