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Hello! from instaDuit. Your next generation digital lending company.

Bye Bye Banks.
Hello instaDuit!

Sometimes, dealing with banks can be a real hassle. But not with us. At instaDuit, it’s all about YOU where we do things far quicker and easier.

instaDuit is a next generation digital lender bringing together cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning to empower consumers and financial growth.

We offer personal loans with a fixed interest rate o 12% per annum (with collateral) & 18% Per Annum (without collateral) with a loan duration of 6 to 24 months.

Using frontier technology, we make our loan application experience simple, speedy and friendly for everyone. Our goal is to help customers who don’t want to use conventional bank while bringing fair and transparent financial services to everyone.

If you are you looking for personal loans, look no further. Just instaDuit!

Personal Loans Done Right. Digitally.

We provide loans for different purposes:

  • Home Makeover: You can improve, renovate or repair your home with an instaDuit loan

  • Wedding: You can get a instaDuit loan to help fund your wedding day

  • Travel: An instaDuit loan can help you to finance the ideal honeymoon or a holiday vacation

  • Emergency Expenditures: An instaDuit loan can help you to get cash for those unexpected emergencies

  • Special Purchase: Whether you need some cash to buy electronic gadgets or that special handbag, an instaDuit loan could help you to get the money you need

  • Debt Consolidation: An instaDuit loan can help you to consolidate your debts into one monthly payment
  • General Expenses: Sometimes, a bit of spare cash comes in handy for any reasons that you need the money for
What We Do
  • Lend you money directly
  • Fast & simple application
  • Offer you the best loan we can, every single time
  • Do what’s right for you

What We Don't
  • Leave you waiting ages for a response
  • Try to confuse you during the process
  • Give you the hard sell
  • Judge you

Need express personal loan approval? Just instaDuit.